Profit and Impact


SWEAGLOB (Swedish-African Global Business Association) is a multidisciplinary Business Association Company that provides a networking and partnership platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, educators and investors from all around the globe with their African counterparts for sustainable investment opportunities on the continent.

Our mission is to help companies invest, expand and grow sales in key African markets and serve as a medium where local businesses can attract capital, the right competencies and partnerships for a high and sustainable growth.

Business Model
SWEAGLOB proposes reliable solutions allowing you to invest serenely. Specialized in project management and advising on investment, SWEAGLOB focus on investing time and resources on projects and ventures that maximise social profit as well as producing sustained robust returns for investors
Our business model has been developed on the tenants that profit and impact go hand in hand.
Business Strategy
  • ¬†Focus on B2B transaction
  • Create link with local stakeholders (governments. Civil societies, NGOs, etc.)
  • Increase more efficient and less risky trade in Africa
  • Make legal and financial audits to optimize and secure investment projects in Africa
  • Gather local intelligence and support
  • Grow revenues in exciting new markets.
  • Promote sustainable business opportunities on the Africa continent
  • Use Diaspora as workforce connecting international business to the African continent.
Business Principles
  • SWEAGLOB is built on principles promoting transparency, ethics and values in business.
  • Key words are humanity, creativity, innovative ability, competence building, efficiency and flexibility.

Area of Expertise

We provide strategic advice; local market insights, project management services, sales execution, and operational support to help Swedish, other global businesses and local African business grow their market share and revenues in Africa.

With our deep knowledge of the African market, Swedish and other foreign companies can trust us to shorten time to penetrate the African market and manage risks.

Our core focus areas are:

  • Finance
  • Energy
  • Human Resource and Talent Management
  • Agriculture
  • Education and Research
  • Sustainable Healthcare

Monitoring and Evaluating projects and investments

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