In 2014 our founder had been approached by several African based business and organisation that to consult them establishing collaboration and transactions with European organisations, but did not have the necessary knowledge and expertise of the community. SWEAGLOB was formed that same year as a bridge that links organisations to the right partners, corresponding to all parties’ needs and potentials; to respond to this market need.

Our vision is to provide platforms that allow people and enterprise to leverage the synergistic potentials that intrinsically exists between the African and European enterprise communities through sustainable approaches.

Swedish African Global Association endeavours to promote opportunities for social and commercial investments and enable a platform for networks between the European and African social and commercial enterprise communities. Our mission is to wisely identify, diligently facilitate and steadfastly support materialisation of social and commercial lucrative opportunities cohesive and sustainable approaches. We work for our clients at every level and types of organisations in the way we can be most useful.

SWEAGLOB believe in transparency and ethical business conducts. These are a couple of our requirements standards to be meet by the other party(ies) before establishing any transactions or partnerships.